Top 5 Typographic Hacks to Make Your Designs Look Super Chic

As consumers, we want to see what looks appealing to us. Something that strikes the right cord.
Designs are a major determinant of a brand’s identity and in order to make sure the narrative comes across as clear, we have to make sure that the creatives resonate with the idea of the brand. Typography plays a major role in making a graphic what it is and ensuring to use of it right could flip things around for the brand. We believe that typographic errors or incomprehension could potentially disturb the design ideation of a brand. Mentioned below are the top five techniques that one must follow in order to play around with fonts in the best way possible.

– Create a Hierarchy:  Font hierarchy means laying out the text according to size, positioning, and importance. Arranging fonts in an orderly manner with absolute priority on what do you want your reader to emphasize is of the essence. Font hierarchy also facilitates convenient reading in respect to what is to be read first, second, and so on. The hierarchal text also resonates with the cognitive functioning of the brain and is makes reading more comprehensive and understandable. 

Track and Kern:  Kerning is a technique of evening out the spaces between the letters in a piece of text. Nobody likes to read a write-up that is uneven or distorted in its structure and that is exactly where kerning comes into the picture. While it is one of the most important things in typing, kerning is not as easy as one might think. However, orderly kerning could be carried out with tracking tools that get the job done effortlessly. 

Mingle the Fonts: Using a single font style might be readable in text but it might not look very appealing when used for creating designs. Incorporating multiple fonts, with different sizes, and alignments enhances the aesthetic appeal of the creatives and present the narrative of the brand in an innovative and unique manner. Mingling multiple fonts does not suggest adding every font that there is; ideally, a maximum of three fonts is suitable for creating a nice-looking design. 

Set The Mood Right: The mood that your brand aims at creating determines how the creatives that will go live on your platforms would look like. From the fonts to the colors, everything has to pertain to the imagery that the brand is trying to project. Fonts play a major role in expressing the brand’s mood and the designer has to make sure to use the appropriate fonts to suit the mood right. When the mood and fonts don’t match, the design becomes ineffective and fails to serve its purpose. Ace the Alignment: Setting the text in an aligned structure also helps enhance the quality of your designs. Creating equal and spaced margins, preventing the protruding of texts, and ensuring seamless text flow ensure that the design is a visual delight and not mere information put in a graphic. Disarranged texts substantially affect the visual aesthetic of the end customer and defeat the entire purpose of creating a design.

As clear as it is, understanding the nitty-gritty of typography is an essential aspect of creating designs. Fonts play a vital role in transforming the design altogether and making the right use of them is a prerequisite to creating bespoke designs. These were the top five typographic hacks to enhance your designs and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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