They both sound familiar and you believe there is hardly any difference between the two. Wrong. Is it more like the chicken and the egg question? What comes first and which one should you opt for your business?

To put it simply, social media is the need of the hour, what isn’t is how it can be used to fool both the agency’s clients and their client’s clients. This is nothing but a wake-up call.

While Social Media Management is simply posting content to various social media channels to maintain an online presence, Social Media Marketing is posting content with a clear intent and strategy in order to market and grow your business. The latter focusses on leads and meeting your business goals with a full-proof plan, Social Media Management is merely using the account to post with no strategy or end goal.

In order to achieve your business goals, what you require is a story-driven, engaging page which develops your brand’s reputation and trust among your customers. What you don’t require is the new marketing gimmick in town, where the client is fooled by promising certain number of likes and some thousand followers. What we don’t realise is these likes and followers are just names, not real people. What drives sales and conversions are the people resonating with your brand, believing in it and proving their loyalty by making you their favourite. So what works is a pure, honest strategy based on your business goals and vision to develop an organic reach of valuable customers.

It’s up to you to decide if want to submit into these money-making machines with no real conversion or put quality before everything else.

Remember, peanuts will only fetch monkeys, but to be able to take care of a white elephant, you need that extra.



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