Reflection of your beautiful love story and a trailer of the grand extravaganza that is yet to unfold, wedding designs are way to make your event live in the heart of your loved ones forever. With attention to little details, conceptually driven wedding stories, each of the design amalgamates your personality, your values and how special you want your guests to feel. Our range of services results from Invitation & Animation design, packaging design, wedding speeches and creative stationery set. From elegant to quirky, we have it all covered.

1. Invitation & Animation

Regal and elegant or bohemian and quirky, with the use of right colours, creative concepts, we’ll incorporate your wedding theme and your individual style into invites that will set the tone for the magic yet to unfold.

 2. Packaging Design

Wedding favours that your guests will remember and admire even more than the gift itself! Bespoke luxurious packaging designs to suit all your requirements and needs.

  • Memory Box
  • Giveaway Boxes
  • Favour Boxes
  • Guest Signing Book
  • Other Bespoke Gifting Range
  • Corporate Gifting
3. Wedding Speeches

Weddings are an overwhelming affair. An emotional roller coaster, allowing you to experience thousands of emotions at a single time. We understand that you are emotional and just out of words. This is where we step in. We’ll help curate content to capture exactly how you feel and make your loved ones feel all the more special.

  • Father of the Bride’s Speech
  • Groom’s Speech
  • Bride’s Speech
  • Newspaper Story Content
4. Creative Stationery Set

Wedding stationery designs that speak from the heart and reflect your personality and the grand affair. Render a personal touch to each of your events and make it an affair to remember.

  • Luggage Tags
  • Key Card
  • Guest Itinerary
  • Table Menu
  • Gift/Carry Bags
  • Meal Coupons (Staff)
  • Favours/ Chocolate/Trinket Boxes
  • Custom Artwork/ Posters
  • Event/Wedding Logo
  • Countdown Mailers
  • Seating Plan
  • Welcome Note
  • Thank You Note
  • Gift Envelopes
  • Newspaper Pagination