Life has certainly gotten intricated over the past few weeks, hasn’t it?

Lifestyle and the working of the economy has lapsed. Covid’19 forces schools to shutdown in 185 countries. Schools continue to educate students during a global health crisis and plays an important role in mitigating the spread of the virus.

The need of the hour is to rethink what you can do and make strategic marketing plans for school. The situation all over the world is grim, economies are suffering,

Just like any other sector, schools need to have their school digital platform to navigate their way through today’s fast altering digital world.

Educational institutes are finding alternate ways to ensure continuation of education.

Why school needs digital marketing?

Earlier, schools used to rely on big platforms like billboards, magazines, news-paper ads but today it’s a digital world. Everyone is equipped with their phones so you’ve to up digital marketing of school. A major comforting factor in such difficult times is the fact that businesses are still looking forward for better times and working on their digital games- like schools are conducting online classes, holding webinars, conducting tests, and motivating students.

You’ve to build a strategic marketing plan for schools. Trends in private school marketing are exclusive, topical, informative and value adding.

Here are 5 major tips:

  • Website

A school’s website is essential to demonstrate what a school is all about. It is not only for current students to stay activated but also to have fresh enrolements by giving them a slice of what all the school provides. Does your school’s website talk to your current and potential students, or are you yet to make one?

  • Social Media Platforms

Social media is a key to build relationships and with increased usage, you can reach out more people than ever. More people are joining live videos than ever, people are participating in quizzes, games, making creative and educational videos too. Businesses should embrace digital media more than ever now. You can reap high benefits from it.

  • Google my Business

Google my Business is the listing that appears on both Google Maps and Google search duo results. GMB enables you to get your updates and special offers in front of prospective clients and it’s a great way to reach out. It is also essential to update google Business listing.  It is the first place many people look while attempting to choose your school. Google My business is an effective and incredibly helpful in boosting your presence on Google. You can add information, various links, prospects for parents for an easy use. You can add pictures  of your campus, verified reviews and you can have an insight which will show on many people viewed your campus.

  • Run Ad Campaigns

An Ad campaign for a school is concentrated to align marketing channels around a goal which In turns bring fresh enrolements.  Ad Campaigns are necessary to reach out new enrolements for your school. It is simple and cost-effective.

  • Content Marketing

Content can be one of the most useful marketing tool. It establishes your school as a thought leader in the economy.

Having a great content that no one has anywhere will engage people to follow and share. Get alumni members to help-testimonials are a potent form of marketing. Share lots of blogs-it can be very engaging. A school blog is still a wish-list item for many, but you can start establishing it-sooner the better. Create a content funnel to bridge the gap between admission.

Connect with The Scribe Inc and get a wide range of services. We’ll help you accelerate your school’s growth and online presence by committing with unique digital marketing strategies. Adapting a holistic approach and reaching out customers via E-mail, social media, SEO will help in giving higher ROI.

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