The Corona outbreak has infected millions of people across the globe. The world has come to a stand-still. Every industry has been badly affected by the Covid’19 Pandemic including event management industry.

As people are advised to avoid any kind of gatherings let alone stepping out of home, all kind of events, functions, exhibitions are getting cancelled or postponed.

Every industry has been badly affected by the Covid’19 Pandemic including event management industry. Want to re-purpose and re-align your firm? Capture new way of marketing via digital advertising platforms, follow marketing trends on digital mediums to have an absolute presence of your firm. In the past one month, usage of Internet has abruptly increased to over 72%. Utilize this time, so that when all this gets over, your business continues with same thrive to grow.

Maintaining a Digital Presence of your firm, showcasing all your events done, keeping in touch with old customers, telling stories, keeping everyone educated about all kind of safety measures to follow can be considered as comprehensive solution.

5 Major tips to make your online presence as successful as your Events:

1. LinkedIn Marketing

Building connections with people across the globe and having a digital track of your firm is very essential. You’ve to keep refining your profile with all the latest work done. LinkedIn ad platform is very powerful and it’s all business. Join groups, discuss online sale ideas, focus on business growth, make powerful connections, recommend others and stand out with what you can offer!

2. E-Mail Marketing

Make a list and send E-Mail to all the potential collaborators so as to build your b2b network. Higher the network, better your net worth. You’ve to make it very interesting and give all the reasons why your future potential customers should choose you and not just a reason to skim your mail. Leverage well defined elements with your picturesque events is give a glance of how it will be if they choose you.

3. Website

A great website for your event firm is like a portfolio which convinces potential attendees and they effortlessly trusts you. Build your website with a solid architecture, share blogs, create content calendar. It has to be clear and concise. Compel every tiny detail to make your website quintessential. Add links of your social networking sites.

A website is like technology for the win. It showcases everything.

4. Use social media channels

Use social media to direct your resources effectively. Organizing a concert? Use Facebook event feature to create and promote event. Go live and upload pictures of your event on Instagram, run a live twitter feed of your hashtag in big scale and  make your firm’s presence everywhere on digital mediums. In order to remain competitive in today’s online landscape, you’ve to adapt to the rapidly evolving alterations as the time is in need of digital business.  Use Chat bots too to have an interaction with your customers and setting instant responses to queries.

5. Boost your SEO Campaign

Modern marketing is all about analysis and testing. Equip with the right tools and segment your target audience to bring organic traffic to your website. Google uses relevant information to assess your relevance. SEO is the ultimate tool to make your website search engine friendly in order to rank high.

The Scribe Inc breathes life into your brand with powerful storytelling, SEO that skyrockets your search ranking, social media management that builds reputation and illustrates graphic that reflects your brand’s identity. Connect with us now for 360-degree digital marketing. Our sole aim is to achieve overwhelming results for our clients.

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