Our world is facing very serious challenge ever since the outbreak of coronavirus, but there’s always hope to the horizon. Businesses have been greatly impacted as the lockdown continues to extend week by week, at so many places, grocery stores are running out of supplies and restaurants seems to be like ghost towns.

People have to come together to support each other and follow social distancing at the very large. Now, is the time for a digitalised world and online marketing calls in for more than ever. Digital Marketing can be very helpful if done correctly not just to educate your customers, your target Geo-audience, but also to realign and reform your restaurant digital marketing game.

The competition among restaurants is fierce, and you’ll need a fiercer restaurant marketing plan to stand out.

But has this lockdown befuddled you and you’re unable to choose the correct digital marketing platform for marketing?

Here, are 6 tips to improve your business and attract foodies to your restaurant once lockdown is over.

The tips to reform your Business:

 1. Social Media Marketing

 Social media is a game changer and its very essential to build it

This is the time to make the marketing strategy for your restaurant. Keep your audience engaged with contest marketing, giveaways or some offers for the loyal customers for later on or on deliveries. As people have stopped dining out, but they miss it. You can open for deliveries keeping in mind all the safe sanitary practices you’re regulating and ensuring your customers the same about it. You can boost your social media campaign.

Use this time to finish your digital to do lists like a logo makeover, or to rebuild the restaurant’s website.

2. Connect with your customers and Educate them

Emphasize hygiene and customer safety precautions. Every picture you put should demonstrate safety protocols. Educate them with WHO protocols, and News. Promote good deeds, answer queries, support your staff. Hold competitions, quizzes, some games.

3. Google My Business

Listing your restaurant on Google My Business is an effective way to optimize your business. There are so many restrictions like quarantine, social distancing and so much more, people are home, suddenly in an isolated nation. More people are online now, constantly scanning for updates, googling things. To gain the attraction of your potential customer, make your restaurant’s presence felt online. Manage your menu, post relevant photos and videos.

4. Online Reviews

Ratings alone solidify how a restaurant is, reviews give a more personal touch.

It can be both positive and negative, whereas positive build a strong network and attracts more people, negative reviews are hard to overcome.

The importance of positive reviews and distant feedback are very essential. Online reputation management helps you connect with your target audience more than ever. Outbreak of coronavirus has led restaurant businesses in very difficult situation and you’ve to provide the right service in a stressful time like this which will help you ace your restaurant advertising and post Covid’19 pandemic, it would be awarded with glowing rewards.

5. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is an amazing advertising model for your restaurant marketing plan. It is an ad you place to generate traffic to your website. It will give you a competitive edge and help you with your online marketing.

Over 80% people use search engines to find a restaurant, and to bring your restaurant on the top, use PPC Marketing. You may have to pay to win, but still it’s a win-win. Also, the portal should be mobile friendly and should be using long tailed keywords.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines help you gain organic traffic to your website. Plan your SEO strategy for long term. Building a strong brand will result into stronger brand affinity. Keep a pipeline full of engaging content to stand out from your competitors.

Connect with The Scribe Inc to get consultation for your Business, get a restaurant marketing plan and how you can re-align and reform your Business Digitally as your Business needs to be agile and should be pivoted quickly.

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