The outbreak of coronavirus has created havoc across the world.

Travel and tourism business have been the worst affected sector.

Against a backdrop of heightened uncertainty and as the lockdown extends, governments across the globe impose travel restrictions of all kinds.

For the travel and tours business, it will also be a pre-coronavirus world and post-coronavirus world.

At this time, the world needs us to stay at home, we have had plans to travel, we are seeing not only our favourite cities collapsing but the entire world is blasting but there is always room for hope.

We all will once again travel as the world opens up bit by bit.

As we live in multi-device world, screens are everywhere, and its not easy to keep up the digital game, but you can make people reminisce about how beautiful the world is with right digital marketing for travel and tours business and that would benefit you post lockdown gets over.

The time is now to ace up your business ideas for travel and tourism sector that would be later.

Here are 5 major tips-

1. E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is highly effective and most direct way of connecting with your leads. Make an attractive mail and convert your prospects into loyal customers.

During this time, when everyone is home you can reach out to corporates through mails for a future collaboration.

2. Social Media Marketing

People today use social media to find inspiration to choose which should be their next destination on their travel bucket list. There is a dozen of social media apps and each one is fundamentally different. Document your strategy with clear social media goals. Keep your audience continuously engaged and make posts for every group of generation. Actively respond to reviews about complaints and queries, this builds long-lasting relationship.

3. Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is process of acquiring website traffic by purchased ads. Using high quality keywords and making attractive ads will place you higher on search engines. There are different types of ad you create depending on your budget, goals, audience, etc. Search Engine Marketing allows you to create a custom audience based on your demographics or the kind of tours you can provide.

4. Website

Gone are those days when customer entirely relied on coming to your office to book a package, this is a digital era. You’d need an eye-catching, informative and well-built website to have a chord with travellers. Make your website an easy booking system, has a predictive search, many payment options, progressive web apps (which can also act as mobile apps). Adding travel blogs about different cities, best places or the food culture will have the ability to affect and attract people at large. So many people dream to travel to various places, having a strong blog at your website will persuade them to being potential consumers.

5. Virtual Tours

We live in a virtual world and what better than giving a 360-degree tour of your destined city? Virtual Tours make strong statements and are more powerful to inspire and transmit wanderlust. It will even tell you about small and off-beaten secluded places which you had no idea about. Travel and tours business operators can help their customer experience it to build a stronger level of trust simultaneously.

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