Creating posts on social media that people can’t wait to share is tricky. It’s a combination of art, science and business which goes into the making of ‘millions of hits’, because honestly what work sometimes may turn into a blunder another time. Here is the step by step recipe to help you get the right social media mix and those instant hits.

Step One: Know your audience and create a post with a purpose

It is important to design posts with a purpose in mind. It could be educating the audience or simply entertaining them. Speak to a clearly defined audience set and deliver valuable content which increases customer engagement and builds brand’s online reputation.

Step Two: Find your brand’s voice and start with a catchy headline

Building your brand’s personality online differentiate you from your competitors and makes you unique in your own way. The easiest way to grab attention is to pick up a headline that instantly connects with the audience. It could be a bold statement, a question, a ‘How to’ or may include numerical to draw attention.

Step Three: Build strong keywords and equally strong hashtags

Do your homework on generating relevant keywords for your business and make sure you include them as your hashtags, in your headline or in the content. This will boost your post ranking and relevant hashtags will make it easier for you to be found online.

Step Four: Aesthetics matters; go visual

The more visually appealing your post is, the more are the chances to get likes and shares. Design your posts with readable fonts, relevant images, videos or gifs. Always use high quality visual content for your posts and it will be hard for your audience to give you a miss while scrolling.

Step Five: Use special characters, emoticons and add links

Supporting your posts with just text isn’t enough. Make it catchier with the use of emoticons as it is the new universal language. Add links and mentions in your posts to initiate networking.

Step Six: Analyse and optimise your social media and keep a content calendar

The key is in being consistent and gradually building your social media presence. Maintain a content calendar and be consistent with your posts. Optimise all your social media handles with completed profiles, relevant display icons and use analytics to keep a track on what’s working for you and what’s not.

Voila, with these basic steps, you are ready to hit a million likes.

PS: Optimise your content for different social media handles and do not forget to hit the share button.

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