Has it ever happened with you, that you are scrolling through your Instagram and a beautifully looking profile pop in? You are amazed at how each post makes for a pure visual delight!

And here you are left wondering, how on earth can you do the same to your profile! Instagram gives you a chance to develop an enticing portfolio online, a way to lure in your customers and make them hit the ‘follow’ button instantly.

As a start-up, hiring a social media expert could seriously burn a hole in your pocket. But, worry not, for we have curated a list of simple pointers for you to follow, so that your Instagram page stands out from the rest and becomes your unique personality online.

  1. What content you want to post?

Identify what does your brand stands for and generate content which reflects your brand’s core values. Content is king, but generating quality content hooks your customers to your brand and make them look out for you again.


  1. What are your main brand colours?

The most prominent way to make your Instagram page look thematic is to incorporate brand colours in your post creatives. The simplest way to go about it is to extract colours from your brand logo and use them in your designs.


  1. What filter will you apply?

Using a filter on each post to make your posts look seamlessly blending into each other. Same filter makes the creatives look a part of the family, thus making for a visually good-looking profile.

  1. What is the mood of your brand?

Happy and vibrant or dark and mysterious? Establish a certain mood of your brand which reflects your brand’s personality. Also, you can choose certain objects and props that go with your brand and use them in your design exercise.

  1. What layout you want to pick?

Arranging posts in a layout will make for a neat and crisp looking profile. With options like grids, puzzles and rainbow feeds where you pick one theme for a set of nine posts, you can make your Instagram profile dazzle. Additionally, putting certain borders around each post will break the monotony and add a fresh vibe.


  1. What are your brand fonts & typography?

Fonts that define your brand could be a good aid in establishing your brand’s personality. Using fonts for creatives make your profile look consistent and well-structured.

Tip: Using more than 3 fonts will destroy the purpose of this whole exercise.


So, when you are planning your next Instagram post, make sure you pay attention to these minute details that make for a killer Instagram theme. Great stories make for great brands.

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