How to Ace Digital Game Amidst COVID-19

A global pandemic situation has cooped many at homes and life has absolutely gotten muddled in the course of recent weeks, hasn’t it? Thank god we live in an era where we can rely on the Internet for various forms of entertainment as well as work.

With coronavirus is blamed to slump all sorts of traditional ways of marketing, consumption of digital marketing have surged big time. During this time, we have seen an accenting rise of social media apps upto 72% which is an unprecedented rise in screen time. Search engine has seen a rapid increase over the past 2-3 weeks and is predicted to only grow in the coming time ever since the outbreak.

Whereas, a lot of brands think they should stop with their promotions because if you can’t step out, you can’t make purchases leading to no sales and no profit. But if we look at the bigger picture, everyone has a lot of free time and people are shifting their focus on social media channels.

Why brands should connect while social distancing?

It’s the time to shine and not stop.

Digital marketing needs to have a grip and brands should continue with their social awareness.

As we follow social distancing, it also leads to massive ramifications for the online economy.

Reaching your audience has never been easier.

Smart people would know they have to think something distinctive and would make strategies and do once this gets over, smarter people know this is the time to uplift your social media game, to connect with your target audience, and will leave no stone unturned to have the optimum utilisation of this time. As the world is glued to their mobile screens and with more time to try something different, now is the time to ace your branding.

Over night your brand can’t become a household name like Pepsi or Disney, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

We have to create memorable, valuable content that will have a lasting impression to even new audiences.

What brands are doing?

There are very few categories who are continuing to advertise during the current time whereas big firms are shifting all their focus on digital platforms. Brands are working to have their online presence and making sure it doesn’t get forgotten. From making strategies to posting quarantine games, to dividing their logos into separate blocks showcasing social distancing. Brands are putting up engaging posts and aiming to create pushing trends.

While Content is the King, distribution is the Queen. Covid’19 would change how the world economy would work.