Digital Marketing

Time to enhance your online presence with our bespoke digital marketing solutions based on market research to ensure long lasting results for your business. With our strategic campaigns target the right audience and go from ‘lead generations’ to ‘conversions ‘effortlessly. Today, digital marketing is an integral part of what your business is to your customers, because the world is online. Join in the quickest way to capture market, because nothing works wonders like digital marketing, if done right.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is broadcasting commercial or promotional messages to customers. A necessary tool in the world of digital marketing because it connects entrepreneurs to their customers directly and help in building trust and loyalty.
The Scribe Inc strategizes a plan for your brand, analyzes audience and targets them accordingly. We then build a content strategy to decide to help deliver your brand’s message across. With our research experts we then structure a timeline for the email campaign.

Social Media Marketing & Management

Social media is one of the fastest growing platforms to market your products/services in a cost-effective manner. In this growing era of digital trends, it has a wide set of audience which the brands can use for their growth.
The Scribe Inc helps your brand to gain recognition by analysing which social media platform is best suitable for your brand and understand your end goals. With the preparation of social media calendar, creative posts are uploaded in a consistent manner to spread awareness about your brand. The target audience can be educated and persuaded later with strategically planned promotional campaigns.
• Identifying your business goals & target audience
• Identifying Social Media channels
• Account Management
• Social Media Calendar & Strategy
• Content Curation & Graphic creation
• Promotional Campaigns & Marketing ads

SMS Marketing

Short message service marketing is a technique to spread promotional or transactional messages by utilizing permission-based text messaging.
The Scribe Inc analyses right set of audience to target based on your business goals and then identify what your audience type might be interested in. We then broadcast the message to the targeted location.

Search Engine Optimization& Marketing

A method of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by raising the exposure of a website or web page for internet search engine users.
The Scribe Inc helps your company to gain traffic on your website by using keyword based content which will bring your site up to higher ranks and thereby, increase the chances of driving traffic organically to your website.
• Organic Search Engine Results
• Improve SEO ranking
• Keyword based content
• Run effective Google ads

Google My Business

A free and easy-to-use platform for businesses and organizations to monitor their online presence through Facebook. Using GMB, you can help customers locate you on maps and thus spread information about your business.
The Scribe Inc helps your organization to rank organically on the local listing of your derived business niche. We help in evaluating the competition by researching on high traffic ranking, local SEO keywords for driving potential customers to your business location and website.

Google Paid Campaigns

Google paid campaigns, also known as Paid Search Marketing, is an inexpensive and scalable method of online advertising, designed to connect your advertisements to searchers actively searching for what you are offering. Pay-per-click initiatives, and the rationale behind them can be outlined with strategic planning.
The Scribe Inc helps in managing your Google ad account by fetching highly researched keywords which targets right set of audience, converting searches into leads and conversions